Arka Roy

Validate IBAN in PHP

International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is an international standard for identifying account numbers. How can we make sure that an user enters a valid IBAN?

Unparse a Parsed URL in PHP

PHP has a nice and very useful method parse_url to parse and split the url into applicable url components and return the list of component as associative array. But sometimes, you may need to reverse the process.

Custom Category Pagination in Jekyll

Jekyll is an awesome project. But how can we paginate only one type of post? Or what about custom permalink?

Download ZIP File Dynamically with PHP

We will see how we can make a webpage act as an initializer to download a zip file. We will just provide the location of the file and PHP will download it to the user. In the back-end, the HTTP headers are responsible for the download. We will set the headers with PHP.

Create File Upload Class in PHP

File upload is a very common functionality that almost all applications have. But we need to make sure that the system is smart enough to prevent malicious usage of this functionality. How can we achieve that?

Enhance File Upload Security with PHP

Allowing user to be able to upload a file is a very common functionality that developers need to implement. But how can we make sure that user would not upload anything malicious?

Create Drop Cap Letters in CSS

In this tutorial we will use CSS3 to create Drop Cap, a traditional newspaper technique of making the first letter of a paragraph capital and take the height of three or four lines. In that way, it is easier to grab the attention of the reader and specify the start of a section.